Tomato House

Tomato House

The Tomato House has a frame of plastic coated metal.

It stands about 1.8m tall when in the ground, and so is ideal for protecting tall tomatoes from fruit fly and the green shield bug.

1-1.3m wide x 1.8m long x 1.8m high

Kit includes:

  • 6 arch half pieces
  • 6 leg sections
  • 6 cross bars for bracing
  • 9 Connector rods
  • 10 Connector clamps
  • 10 20mm clamps to attach the GrowCover
  • 9 metal cross bands to attach the bracing bars
  • 10 Earth Staples to pin the GrowCover down
  • GrowCover 4m x 5m

Please note that the Tomato House does not need to be installed in a raised bed.  It is a freestanding item and as long at it is able to be pushed into the ground, will work equally well.

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