Metal Hoop Kit (no GrowCover)

Metal Hoop Kit (no GrowCover)

Metal hoop kit – MH5 – 5 hoops
(without GrowCover)
80 cm wide x 400 cm long x 70 cm high

Set of five 11mm plastic coated metal hoops plus pack of ten 11mm double clips to attach a cover.

If hoops are installed 1m apart you can cover a garden bed 80cm wide x 4m long with an installed height of 70cm.

Just push these hoops 20cm into the ground to create a frame for 2m wide GrowCover insect netting. Use 11mm double clamps to secure netting to the frame.

The GrowCover needed for covering the frame will 2m wide. The length will be the length of your bed plus 1.6m to cover both ends.
Two kits with Growcover cover size 2m x 10m will cover a bed 6.8m long.

The Growcover fabric is sold separately.

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