Grow House

Grow House Kit
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Grow House

Plastic coated metal Grow House kits

These kits are perfect for taller crops such as cauliflower, broccoli and dwarf beans etc – any thing that doesn’t get taller than 90 cm, and that’s quite a few vegetables.

They work well on raised beds or flat garden beds.

For beds between  80 and 120cm wide.

The height varies depending on how far you push the frames into the ground. The frames are 120cm high, but will give you a height of 100cm if pushed in 20cm.

3 arch kits fit up to 1.8m
4 arch kits fit up to 2.7m
5 arch kits fit up to 3.6m

Grow House Kit Components 3 arch 4 arch 5 arch
Sturdy 20mm plastic coated metal arches 3 4 5
Screw in plastic coated metal legs 6 8 10
Metal cross bands to attach bracing rods (not included, but we suggest cane stakes or our Connecting Support Stakes.) 10 12 15
Jumbo Clips to clamp the GrowCover at the corners 4 4 4
20mm clamps to secure the GrowCover to the frame 10 12 15
Earth Staples to hold the fabric securely at the ends 2 2 2
GrowCover fabric to cover the frame 3mx4m 3mx5m 3mx6m

If purchasing Connecting Support Stakes::

3 Arch GrowHouse requires 6 Connecting Stakes

4 Arch GrowHouse requires 9 Connecting Stakes

5 Arch GrowHouse requires 12 Connecting Stakes

$140.00 - $215.00
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