A – Frame Connector

A Frame Connector
A Frame + Top BracingA Frame ConnectorA Frame SmallA Frame Small – side

A – Frame Connector

To be used in conjunction with our Connecting Support Stakes to create an A – Frame structure.

Stakes clip securely into Connector using the clever one way design.  There is a bracket on top for horizontal top bracing, as well as two string line holders.

1 Support Stake is 90cm tall and when used in an A – frame makes a frame suitable for beds 45cm – 90cm wide.

When used on a bed 50cm wide bed, the frame would offer a growing height of 75 – 80cm.

Ideal for use on narrower beds to maximise growing space.  For beds wider than 80cm we would recommend our either a Hoop House, Grow House, or Tomato House.

We strongly recommend the use of horrizontal Connecting Stakes for bracing along the top and sides.  These are connected at a right angle with Metal Cross Bands.  See pictures.

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