Metal and poly pipe frames to support insect and frost protection netting.

The GrowCover frames are easy to install and create a great growing space in your kitchen garden. Provides insects and frost protection for vegetables, seedlings and cuttings.

Use our fabric calculator to help decide how much GrowCover you need.

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  • $99.00$135.00
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    The size can be adjusted to fit a garden bed from 80cm to 120 cm wide.
    The height varies depending the width of the bed. eg on a 80cm wide bed the hoops will be 75cm high

    Size Price
    3 arch kits fit up to 1.8m $99
    4 arch kits fit up to 2.7m $109
    5 arch kits fit up to 3.6m $135

    Crowea Gardening Systems

  • After receiving many requests for frames for narrow garden beds, we offer the A-Frame system.  Ideal for where space is at a premium.

    When used on a bed 50cm wide bed, the frame would offer a growing height of 75 – 80cm. On an 80cm wide bed, the frame provides height of 70cm.

    Ideal for use on narrower beds to maximise growing space.  For beds wider than 80cm we would recommend our either a Hoop HouseGrow House, or Tomato House.

  • 20mm Poly Pipe Arch cut to 1.9m length as in our Hoop House Kit.

    Perfect for use with our 2m GrowCover, Easy Clamps and 20mm Clamps.

  • $140.00$225.00
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    For beds between  80 and 120cm wide.

    The frames are 120cm high, but will give you a height of 100cm if pushed in 20cm.

    Size Price
    3 arch kits fit up to 1.8m $140
    4 arch kits fit up to 2.7m $185
    5 arch kits fit up to 3.6m $225



    The Tomato House has a frame of plastic coated metal.

    It stands about 1.8m tall when in the ground, and so is ideal for protecting tall tomatoes from fruit fly and the green shield bug.

    1-1.3m wide x 1.8m long x 1.8m high


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  • For beds from 80 to 120 cm wide.
    Height will be approx 100cm.
    Made of plastic coated metal.

    Min order 2 frames.