Clips and Clamps

We sell a selection of clips and clamps to secure GrowCover, fleece, bird net or plastic sheeting onto frames.
The sizes can be confusing as poly pipe is measured using internal diameters and garden stakes are usually measured by their external diameters. Most poly pipe is sold as 25mm, 19mm and 13mm – this is the internal diameter.

Use our fabric calculator to help decide how much GrowCover you need.

    Clips and Clamps

  • These clips are ideal for staking tomatoes. Its strong spring provides a firm grip.
    They are also perfect for staking ornamentals such as delphiniums.
    You will find many unexpected uses for these clips!

    Packs of 10.

  • Ideal for clipping GrowCover onto wire hoops or garden stakes. These double clips have a loop useful for securing GrowCover. Handy for making individual covers for plants to protect from light frost.

    Size Price
    Pack of 10 double clips  $9.90
  • Ideal for clipping GrowCover onto 16 -17mm (external diameter) stakes or frames. Easy to install with a locking flange to secure it in place.

    Size Price
    Pack of 10  $9.90
  • Ideal for clipping GrowCover onto 13-15mm (external diameter) poly pipe or stakes. Easy to install with a locking flange to secure it in place.

    Size Price
    Pack of 10  $9.90
  • Contains six of each

    • 20mm clamps
    • 16mm clamps
    • 14mm clamps
    Size Price
    Pack of 18 $15.00
  • It only just fits 19mm poly irrigation pipe which has an external diameter of about 21mm, but the locking flange cannot be closed.

    Size Price
    Pack of 10  $9.90
  • These metal cross bands are a very strong system for joining at right angles. You can use them for a 10mm and  a 20mm pipe, up to 20mm and 20mm.

    Size Price
    Packet of 10 $9.95
  • Ideal for clipping GrowCover onto wire hoops or garden stakes or wire hoops. These double clips have a loop useful for securing GrowCover. Handy for making individual covers for plants to protect from light frost.

    Size Price
    Pack of 10 Double Clips $9.90
  • Size Price
    Pack of 5 20/20 – join two 20mm poles together $6.95
    Pack of 5 20/16 – join 20mm and 16mm poles together $6.95
    Pack of 5 16/16 – join two 16mm poles together $6.95


  • $8.00$110.00
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    Size Price
    Pack of 4 $8.00
    Pack of 12 $24.00
    Pack of 24 $44.00
    Pack of 36 $60.00
    Pack of 72 $110.00



What our customers have to say

“Best crop I’ve ever produced

Thanks for being so prompt! The first GrowCover I bought has been a huge success – I’ve been particularly glad of it with the extreme heat days we’ve been having. My tomatoes, corn and cucumbers are growing wonderfully underneath it – without doubt the best crop I’ve ever produced.  I’m telling all my friends about the GrowCover! My next job is to set up a cover for the raspberries.”

Bernadette M - Summertown SA

“Best thing since sliced bread!

GrowCover is the best thing since sliced bread!! Obvious by the amount of it I now have. 12 beds all covered with GrowCover plus an 8 meter fence of espaliered citrus. Already eating beautiful clean bug free broccoli and cabbage even though we have had a wonderfully warm autumn.”

Jenny B - Shepparton VIC

“We first purchased GrowCover

to cover our veggie boxes to keep pests out. We couldn’t believe how the veggies powered and the seeds germinated! So now we have a 10m long, 3m wide and 2m high tunnel shaped haven for all of our veggies. We also use it for cuttings and seed raising. It’s so fantastic that we have created a wonderful garden from your GrowCover.”

Peter and Chris

“Totally reusable again and again

I am so happy with the grow cover I purchased some time ago. A very honest product if I can call it that. Doesn’t frey on the edges, totally reusable again and again, and great for starting veggies early in a frosty environment. Keep up the good work.”

James P- Wooragee, VIC

“I was amazed.

This week we had a horrific hail storm (Byron Bay at 28 degrees of Latitude. We don’t even get frost in winter).
But the hail not only shredded every leaf, stalk and stem, stripping trees and bushes, leaving banana trees looking like pompoms, it sat on the ground all night like a million icy golf balls. Devastating for gardens, farmers, everyone . . . everyone but me and my rooftop GrowCover Garden!
The cover protected everything from lacy coriander to hardy kale. I was amazed, thinking surely it too would be torn to ribbons. But it held, and protected everything.
So glad I found you guys!”

Kim F - Byron Bay NSW

“Best bug defence

..It is not often these days you find that type of dedication to customer service, and it is very much appreciated. I am sure that my GrowCover will continue to be the best bug defence and I fully intend to continue to using it for that purpose.”

Petrina L - Glenlee QLD

“I could not be happier.

I recently purchased a cover from you for my veggie garden. my problem was mainly white butterflies in abundance. I now have the best crop of cabbage, Broccoli, kale & spinach I have ever seen. It is the talk of the street & I could not be happier with it. Many thanks for a fine product & the professional manner in which it was despatched.”

Graydon W - Sunshine Coast, QLD

“The attention to detail was great.

Thanks for the GrowHouse Frame. I am very pleased with it. I was very impressed by the packaging and labelling of the items in the kit, the easy to follow assembly instructions, the quality of the materials and the overall logic you have used to make it easier for the customer. The attention to detail was great. It is common to have ‘horror experiences’ with assembling flat-packed gear when one is as useless as I am; but the GrowHouse Frame was an impressive contrast. Well done.”

Peter B- Avoca Beach NSW

“Excellent service

Your parcel arrived today in perfect condition as always, and I have already used two rolls (less 3m). I now have seven beds under cover, this year it is needed more than ever. Snails and slugs are every where after all the rain…. Our other major problem at the moment is cats, they come from every where into our garden and dig up everything I plant. Now I have them beaten!!! Thank you once again for your excellent service, we put as many people as we can onto you.”

Jim R - Bena VIC

“Plants grow bigger and healthier.

We love this product and would recommend it to anyone. It has kept bush rats and possums out of my veggie patch and the plants grow bigger and healthier.”9

Ann H - Faulconbridge NSW