Made in Italy, GrowCover is a versatile and durable insect netting that also encourages the growth of strong and productive vegetables and herbs in the home garden. GrowCover is wildlife friendly due its small mesh size.

It creates a healthy micro-climate that nurtures your plants in the good times and protects them from the bad.

GrowCover insect netting is knitted from thin, but amazingly strong, high density UV stabilized polyethylene thread.
It is knitted, not woven. Accidental small cuts do not run and the manufacturers claim a life of 5 years
(We’ve been using it for 11 years!)

Despite its light weight it is strong and prevents damage caused by strong wind, rain, hail and frost. It protects from insects such as fruit fly and cabbage moth, as well as birds and animals which also like to eat your fresh tasty home grown vegetables. Does not protect plants from being attacked by tiny insects like aphids and thrips unfortunately – nothing is perfect – not even GrowCover……but it does keep out possums!!